The Value of Creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship

permissionI am often left saddened by how many adults who are hesitant about trying new things or who are afraid to make mistakes. This is then shadowed by them telling me that they aren’t creative.

Back in the day there must have been a failing in many of our schooling systems where children were turned off doing art or creative activities because a Teacher inadvertently implied or directly told the children that their efforts were not up to scratch. From there it was a short walk to people feeling inadequate when faced with the task of solution generation to problem solve.

Many people also mistakenly think that creation and innovation is about making something up from conception to implementation. This entirely contradicts Edward DeBono’s ideas around creativity and fusion

Creativity is not an airy-fairy concept just based on fun and brainstorming, in fact it works best when applied to solution generation.

In Entrepreneurship and business, it is often cheaper and faster to adapt and customise and fuse already existent solutions. This too is a creative process and just as a valid way of finding solutions for your business and your clients. Remembering to be conversant of legal and ethical guidelines around patents and espionage of course!

After all, why spend the time and money on re-inventing the wheel when it is not needed! Modern businesses who prosper are ones who can anticipate and position themselves for change. Customisation and adaptation should be standard business practice.

Creative expression feeds the soul and is a cornerstone of modern business endeavours. The key is giving yourself permission to fail and to be tolerant of mistakes from your staff provided that the learning from that mistake is then put back into your business processes.  Everything from there on in is an expression of your way to solve problems and make life easier and more enjoyable for you, your employees, and your clients.

The following link is supposedly to an academic journal article. To me, it seems something that a first year undergrad would put together as the sources are not rigorous. Why I have chosen to share it, is this essay unpacks many of the ideas of creativity and innovation and is an easy read for someone who is looking to understand and then embed these principles’ into their work without getting bogged down by the density of academic writing. 

Never forget the lesson and the knowledge gained from it is more important than who delivers it or how they choose to do it 😉