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Being upfront with our pricing is important to us because we realise cost is an important part of your business planning.   It is value however, that will play the most important factor in determining the health of your bottom line. So as always, cost is only a small part of the value equation. Please also consider the time you are saving by co-opting the expertise your business requires to grow and the overall cost of not investing in your business.  More than anything, we wish for you to succeed and would like to be a long-term partner in your success. Very little in life is fixed and non-negotiable so while the established value we can create for your enterprise and the experienced problem solving  we bring to the table is set, we will discuss prices with you.

Hourly Pricing rates*

  1. Marketing activities – $150 + GST per hour
  2. Health and Safety activities – $150 + GST per hour
  3. Human Resources activities – $150 + GST per hour
  4. Business Adviser/mentor capacity – $150 + GST per meeting (60 mins or there about)
  5. General retainer fee for a commitment of a set number of hours for example: 10 hours per week or 10 hours per month to undertake any business-related activity for a minimum of a three-month commitment – works out to the equivalent of $90 per hour . To be negotiated.
  6. General business administration support – $70 + GST per hour

* Hourly rate does not include disbursements – e.g. 15% GST, vehicle mileage (0.72 cents per kilometer), travel time (flat rate of $40 per hour), carparking, hardware (CD’s, memory sticks, etc.), printing, photocopying, scanning, stationery, postage and packaging, courier fees, web and email hosting (monthly ongoing costs to be paid six monthly in advance), airfares, accommodation, taxis, or international phone calls or phone calls outside the Auckland area.


Current advertised package rates:

  1. Customised Health and Safety Management Kit – start from $1000 + GST
  2. Pre-qualification for Principal Contractors – rates dependent on scope of job – this is often a very complex undertaking
  3. Website Design and Management – start from $800 + GST* ( *prepayment of six months of web-hosting, six months of website management is additional and will be invoiced at the same time as the website build)
  4. Social Media channel management retainer- start from $150 per month +GST * (min commitment of three months)
  5. Moderation or Post-Moderation $450 + GST per paper
  6. Customised employment agreement and accompanying job description $150 + GST
  7. Customised job advertisement $150 +GST
  8. Customised introductory marketing letter to send out as first or second point of contact $150 + GST
  9. Website management starts from $50 per month  +GST * (min commitment of three months)
  10. Webhosting and email hosting start from $15.00 per month + GST* (billed in advance in six months allotments)
  11. Customised organisation training  and workshops and keynote speaking will be quoted on request –  generally this works out to be between $1000 – $1500 per day with travel and accommodation (if any) additional.
  12. Customised Business Showcase videos start from $50 + GST – depending on needs and complexity
  13. Strategic visioning session –  regain control and purpose by working out what you want, how you want to get there, and breaking down those strategies into bite sized focused steps. A basic session involves one hour of face time with a  written summary and starts at $300 + GST. More complex strategic goal sessions are charged at $150 + GST per hour.


Project work

  • Project work such as course design or business start up support can be quoted for on demand.
  • Please phone Kim 021 48 22 68 to discuss your business support requirements.

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