Perfecting your Sales Pitch Pitter Patter – Salesforce Blog

The old adage of pushing product is long gone. These days you need to be customer-centric. Focus on your customer’s needs, and focus on how you can deliver on fixing their problems and make their lives easier.

Turn the  ‘push-push pitter patter’ into a two way conversation by asking questions about the customer, their business, and their issues/concerns. Good sales people are active listeners who can paraphrase and feedback what messages they have heard from their customers.

Remember genuine warmth and interest go a long way to building relationships. People will not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. Never pressure for the instant sale or to close the deal but instead give your buyers information that they can follow up on and always follow up when you say you will. Many sales are lost simply because the rep never called back to see if the client needed further information. Good interactions are the foundation of loyal customers and proud referrals.

The following link breaks down the steps of sales into seven easy steps with some helpful following up tips too. It isn’t the only way to approach your sales, but it is a good place to start to help focus you and your employees efforts.

How to Make a Good Sales Pitch in 7 Steps – Salesforce Blog.