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richard branson This article is from the amazing, talented, and vibrant Richard Branson. He is recollecting some of the lessons he learnt about enterprise while growing up with his Mum and Dad.

I can certainly relate, I come from very hard working and inspiring copreneurial parents (Couples in business together for over 30 years and still going strong). Business, the economy, life, and everything and anything was a main-stay topic at our dinner table. Mum and Dad taught me much about leadership, organisation, backing yourself, creating your own path, and making some money along the way.

What fascinates me about Richard’s story is as entrepreneurial parents we have the wonderful ability to pass on some of our traits and behaviours to our children.

Hopefully this means, they too will grow the confidence to back themselves and to consciously shape and develop their realities.

Leadership Lessons Begin At Home | LinkedIn.

What knowledge do you consider important for your kids to know?