It has been a very busy and exciting time

For those of you following along at home you might be wondering why I haven’t been writing so much in the last few days to a week,  the Business Concierge has been engaged on a number of highly time sensitive projects.

I’m pleased to be able to show you tonight the new website of Waterwheels.

This is a very innovative organisation based just outside of Warkworth, New Zealand. Their passion are boats, and not just any boats. They create amphibious water craft. I have termed their products as innovation in motion.

The perfoIMG_7234 colour adjustedrmance of the crafts are truly impressive but the real genius is seen in the speed of the transition between the land and water. They term this ELAR – their easy launch and retrieval system.



The real boat with wheels because of their robust and safe naval architectural design, they enter the market as the Ultimate Amphibian!


IMG_7260IMG_7227  IMG_7191
IMG_7191 (1)






Anyway enough from me, go and check out the Waterwheels Cat and her love of the water at  You will find many pictures and a few videos of the Cat being put through her paces.

While you are there, take a look at the website, this is an example of how The Business Concierge can design an online presence that is both beautifully stylized and informative.