How addicted are you to your devices? Research suggests many of us never unplug! – WSJ

technology addictionAre you guilty of picking up your cell at dinner or lunch to check on social media or flick through your email? … even though you are sitting opposite someone who wants you to engage with you. Your unending connectivity may be a sore point with your family and friends.

I knew I was in trouble with my husband when I used to get woken up by emails at 3am in the morning and I would get out of bed to answer them. From that point on my cell was banned from the marital chamber. To this day it gets plugged in on our kitchen counter each night… I can still hear it ding 😉

This is an emergent topic. As technology progresses, expect more research to point out our vanishing ability to just be with ourselves and the ones we love.

Data Point: That’s a Lot of People to Say They ‘Never’ Unplug – Digits – WSJ.

If you think you could improve your amount of downtime then here is a quick read of why it will help:


Another great read is the blog of Darl Kolb, the World’s first Professor of Connectivity  He discusses many connectivity issues, it’s a fascinating read.