Half of NZ small firms have no website | Radio New Zealand News

Time to get connected?

Many consumers are now routinely using a clicks and mortar approach. They are researching online for what is close to home and what they can get. After that, they go to the shops to look.

While you might not yet be ready for an online shop, you definitely need to show customers that you are  present and open for business. A simple yet beautifully constructed website such as www.tomstoys.co.nz outlines their services in a way that resonates with their target market. More importantly it gives them an online presence that people can peruse and consider before making contact.

That said, many bespoke and handmade artisan products sell extraordinarily well online.  Building an online shop is achievable with some of the better free software packages built with the small business owner in mind.

Please click through to the article… it is an interesting read.

Happy to say that if you are part of the half that do not have a website then The Business Concierge can fix this for you for a lot less than you might think too  🙂


Half of NZ small firms have no website | Radio New Zealand News.

Are you one of half without a website?… please leave me a comment why you have decided to not go online.

If you are one of the half that is connected, please let me know why you decided to get a website and how you found the process.