Connectivity Corner: How technology is changing time, space and relationships


This is a fantastic post from the blogspot of the very dynamic and talented Professor Darl Kolb, the world’s first Professor of Connectivity (University of Auckland, business school). Funnily enough, Prof Darl was the co-author of the first management textbook I ever bought while at varsity. That text was one of the most exciting and illuminating reads I had done at that point because it was putting names to the information I had learned from being in business. When I started working in the same department I asked him to sign the textbook for me. He looked at me like I was daft but shrugged his shoulders and did it anyway.

While the Prof’s reads are always interesting, this one resonated with me because never before has the rate of technological adoption and change moved so quickly. I have posted about connectivity addiction before and how that can affect the realities of every day life so it fits in nicely.

It appears that connectivity brings both opportunities and challenges. The first has to be at a global macro level… how are governments, institutions, think tanks, and organisations going to best bring all businesses through into the modern era so they can best maxmise their great ideas, services and products supported by technology. This has to help economies to grow and prosper.

The second is how can minimise digital interruption and invasion into previously held personal strongholds? Is this even seen to be a current user issue or a time-bomb still building?

Connectivity Corner: How technology is changing time, space and relationships.


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