Business Partners

kim Love  Our Relationships with Customers and Suppliers

The strength of any business is the relationships that are formed over time with both customers and suppliers alike. The trust that builds is invaluable, and together we work to co-create value in our organisations. We proudly support many fine businesses and proudly work to achieve and then celebrate their goals and achievements with them. Whether it be websites, health and safety management kits, pre-qualification, marketing materials, supplementary material for textbooks creation, employment agreements and job descriptions, course design material, or moderation we are delighted to plug knowledge gaps and provide opportunity for our clients to shine.



Websites by The Business Concierge:

The Business Concierge Toms Toys website



Toms Toys – Civil Construction and Infrastructure service providers including prescribed electrical services




The Business Concierge www.thebusinessconcierge.conz Waterwheels website



Waterwheels – The Ultimate Amphibious Boat with easy launch and retrieval





The Business Concierge RFMasonry website



R F Masonry – Bricking, Blocking and project management contractors






The Business Concierge Shrinkclad website



Shrinkclad Ltd – Shrinkwrap experts that provide a dry, safe site for construction and maintenance related projects







The Tough Stuff – Breaking taboos around mental health and sexual health in workplaces and organisations, education, healthcare, and for parents and caregivers. Training, facilitation, policy development, and building free resources to help people engage in the important and tricky conversations.



Social Media Management by The Business Concierge:



Fish n Dive Snells Beach – Fishing and Dive specialists in fishing and diving gear sales




Tania Steen Licenced Real Estate Agent – situated in the Rodney area specialising on the Mahurangi East Peninsula and surrounding areas




Waterwheels –  The Ultimate Amphibious Boat with easy launch and retrieval




The Business Concierge on Facebook – Provider of critical infrastructure required for organisations to grow




The Tough Stuff on Facebook – Sexual health and Mental health specialists 




The Business Concierge on Twitter – Design and implementation of business solutions







The Business Concierge on Flipboard – Our online magazine of selected business articles that every founder, owner, leader, and manager should read 






The Business Concierge on Pinterest – The  business tips board -designed to get over information quickly yet also get you thinking and acting The Business Concierge on Instagram Kim Love Affordable Social Media specialist freeing up your time



The Business Concierge on Instagram – Touch point connectivity, building relationships and getting to know the person behind the brand.






We are delighted and proud to health and safety champions to:



Agpower Sale and Service Ltd – Hedge trimming contractors



Ashphalt & Repairs – Hot seal specialists




Brightpower – Linesman service providers fish n dive


Fish n Dive Snells Beach – Fishing and Dive specialists in fishing and diving gear sales





Onsite Concreting – Concrete Contractors





Mahu City Express – Transport providers in the Auckland area




We support many firms with mentoring and business advice 

  Little Doves Photography  – architectural, portraits, events and festivals, wedding, dance, and natural light