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Our Work

The Business Concierge serve business owners and employees by designing and applying business solutions using the right people, knowledge, and resources. We can bridge the knowledge gaps of small and medium business ownership so you can keep growing and improving.

Our Principles

  • We are here to make you great. Your success is what gives us ours.
  • We keep our promises and fulfill our commitments.
  • Client confidentiality is sacrosanct.

Our People

The Business Concierge team are co-opted from true experts in the field, with strong educational, research and practical experience with the challenges and opportunities common to small businesses.

         Founder of The Business Concierge– Kim Love

The Business Concierge is the fusion of over 20 years’ experience of self-employment in small business, academic studies and appointments, and a desire to customise one’s life to the best advantage. Simply put, business is in Kim’s blood, I am still excited to get up and create our future every day. Rest assured we get the complexities of business and the challenges that your business can deliver to you personally and professionally.

Academic pedigree is only ever one part of a successful business equation. While The Business Concierge has a substantive amount of formal tertiary education to harness (including 17 years of lecturing, course design, and practicing the key tenets of business), the key reason to have us support you and your business endeavours  is you can be assured you are working with experienced professionals that have real business experience and as a result, proven adaptive intelligence to predict and position your business for change and success.

Kim Love has been in business for decades so she gets your pressures, stressors, and concerns.


I started my first business age 10, cutting the neighbours lawns with Dad’s ride on lawn-mower and using his gas. Never since has business been so simple, easy, and profitable ;-).  My next (and first real) business was undertaken at age 20 – where with the help of my family I bought the Hairdressing salon I had been managing in the domestic terminal at Auckland Airport . I spent many happy years there and learnt from and benefitted greatly from the interest and support of  clients, mentors, and organisations based in the area.  

I harvested the salon in the early 2000’s when I was most the way through my Business under-grad degree. I have had a number of businesses since then, most of which have been in the business services space. These ventures solved problems for business owners while at the same time, allowed me to continue to build on my newly minted Business degree – A Bachelor of Business Studies. Along with scholarships, these businesses helped me to work towards a Post-Grad Diploma in Business and Administration with Distinction in Management and then, tackle a Masters Degree in Management, where I also gained another distinction in Management.

Along the way, many other wonderful adventures and life’s tales happened including the life milestones of falling in love with a wonderful man and then us being surprised  with the creation of two beautiful children – boys – who are now six and seven years old ( it sounds glib but this was not your usual type of love story – best accompanied with beverages). 

These mile stones and the business experience and knowledge that supported these adventures, created a solid platform of  experienced, practical, and capable problem solving. There is always a way forward that can tackle your priorities and immediate concerns and I am practiced at working with clients to unwind tangles that have the potential to trip you up. The Business Concierge also has an extensive network of trusted cohorts to draw upon if more specialised advice is required.  

It could be that you are so entrenched in the business and its immediate concerns that you need an impartial voice to help cut through the clutter and provide solutions that can help clear space to work out what needs to be done to get you onto a manageable and productive trajectory. This can be done by sorting the keystones of your business so your systems and infrastructure are enabling and supporting your income production rather than hindering it. It is making your business legit by ensuring you are meeting your legal responsibilities and adopting and implementing practices that are smart and sound. It could also be outsourcing some of the tasks so The Business Concierge can let you get on with what you enjoy doing.

We can be a bolt-on support mechanism when required coming in to manage a project, build a website, help craft and cement your health and safety practices, or even to help you hire, and take care of your staff, or we can be your regular outsourced employee who you can rely on to get stuff done – we are awesome at admin, social media management, marketing, business generation and a number of other of business areas.

The Business Concierge is also more than just a business problem-solver as we are also interested in you and ensuring that your life all comes together in a manageable way.  We get that the home/work divide can be tough. We are practiced at that particular juggling act and can help you find peace and purpose amongst the chaos. With our support, you can find the time and energy to spend the quiet fun times with the family you worry that they are missing out on. With your know-how you can claw back your evenings, so you and your spouse can enjoy loving and supportive communication. It doesn’t have to be angst driven and stressed.

We understand that being in business can be quite an intense and sometimes surprisingly isolating undertaking where finding peers in a similar boat is difficult.  You are not alone, we are on your side, and have your back…accordingly,  we offer a sympathetic, non-judgmental ear to help you work through issues as they and before they arise so you are getting what you would like back from your venture.  We will believe in you and your business and are excited by your dreams and hopes for the future. We can also introduce you to fantastic business networks where you can enjoy peer relationships and gain insights into how other people in New Zealand are running their businesses and be inspired by their journeys so you feel more connected and learn from other business owners too.

You are the boss and get to drive this awesome, epic, and scary thing called business and life.  We are here to support you with the knowledge and experience to make you, your life,  and your organisation great. The Business Concierge – the perfect co-driver to be by your side.

I look forward to connecting with you and getting stuck in to help you prosper and thrive.

Cheers and look forward to connecting soon

Kim Love – Founder and Principal consultant of  The Business Concierge

Kim Love - Founder of tThe Business Concierge www.thebusinessconcierge.co.nz